How we work

The United Nations Country Team (UNCT) works together under the umbrella of the UN’s Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF). While each UN agency implements and executes its programmes and projects in line with agency policies, the agencies cooperate and coordinate the implementation of their programmes and projects to ensure that they are aligned with the UNDAF. The mechanisms for doing so are four inter-agency working groups aligned with the pillars of the UNDAF, namely the:

  • Enhancing Systematic Reforms Workgroup
  • Ensuring Social Equity Workgroup
  • Investing in Young People Workgroup
  • Preserving the Environment Workgroup

In addition to the above-mentioned groups the UN agencies meet in three other groups, namely the:

  • UN Communication Group (UNCG)
  • UN Operations Management Team (OMT)
  • Post-2015 Focus Group

All groups are chaired by a UN Head of Agency, have Terms of Reference laying out the respective groups’ objective and responsibilities, and develop an Annual Work Plan, based upon which they organize their efforts during a given year. All working groups report to the Resident Coordinator and the UNCT on a bi-annual basis. In turn, the Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator and the UNCT submit one annual report to the United Nations Secretary-General, namely the Resident Coordinator’s Annual Report (RCAR). The RCAR accounts for the work of the UNCT during a given year by laying out progress on UNDAF implementation, challenges and opportunities for the UNCT in Jordan, and lessons learned. The RCAR are available to the public and can be accessed via this link.