Human Interest Stories

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Ahlam Ahmad Al-Namrouti is a physics teacher in Madaba, Jordan. She has been teaching at Madaba First Comprehensive Secondary School for Girls for five years and she lights up when she talks about her job. “I love what I do. I am overjoyed when I s

UNESCO scholarship offers young Syrian hopes for future

Mustafa Barghouthi, a Syrian student who arrived in Jordan in 2012, first learned of the UNESCO scholarship programme funded by the Government of the Republic of Korea and implemented by Al Quds College, from his friend. Mustafa had not succeeded

UNESCO project equips Syrian and Jordanian women with entrepreneurial skills

An innovative UNESCO project is providing practical entrepreneurship and innovation tools to young Syrian and Jordanian women, through technical, income-generating handicraft training.

New Solid Waste Recovery and Recycling Contract Improves Livelihood of Waste Pickers in Jordanian landfills

Jordan generates 2.2 million tons of solid municipal waste per year, growing annually by 5% of which only 7% is recycled or salvaged mainly by the informal sector. According to the National Solid Waste strategy, formalizing the informal waste recycli

UNESCO Project Empowers Legal and Media Professionals

UNESCO believes that journalists, bloggers and media professionals must have access to the best possible legal support in the event of legal action. Since 2015, UNESCO has been organizing a series of training workshops for lawyers and media professio

Culture Provides Sustainable Livelihoods for Women in Northern Jordan

In one of Jordan’s poorest communities, women have been working hard to create livelihoods using newfound skill sets spanning from rock art to heritage tours, through a UNESCO capacity-building project.

Ein Lahtha Camp: Up and Coming Environmental Attraction

Ahmad Al-Saudi, 25 years, had always dreamt of building an environmental tourist camp in Tafileh. Although all the plans and studies of this project were almost ready in 2007, Ahmad could not achieve his dream until one year ago when he heard about t

Exchanging More Than Knowledge

Al-Zeina, Maha, Islam and Hanadi are four ladies who have met through UNDP’s Skills Exchange project in Al-Mafraq governorate which is funded by the European Regional Development and Protection Programme and soon became close friends. Their friends

UN chief says aid for Syrian refugees is in global interest

On visit to Jordan, Secretary General António Guterres warns that failure to address Syria crisis risks playing into hands of extremist groups. By: Charlie Dunmore | 28 March 2017

UNDP Has Given Us the Voice That We Never Had

Dana and Wafa’s dreams turned into reality in Hosha, a remote area in Mafraq. The twin’s hearing impairments and muteness didn’t stop them from launching the first hair-salon in their town. “UNDP has given us the voice as joining the project